Bon Jovi is taking over my yard!

Since we live in the city we like to think of the parks near our place as our “backyard”. On weekends we take the kid, get some sandwiches, and picnic in our yard (aka the Great Lawn in Central Park). Brady gets to touch that magical thing called grass and we get some sun and some fresh (ish) air.

But this weekend Bon Jovi is taking over my yard. Actually it’s more than this weekend. According to this lovely notice Our yard was actually closed for the entire week.

Brady and I took a walk over and saw all the commotion over setting up the stage. While it was kind of cool to see, it’s still annoying.

Plus there’s always this problem with events on the Great Lawn.

Not the scalping problem (which is disgusting by the way), but the issue of how many people to allow on the Great Lawn. Now, the idea of 50,000 people stomping and stamping all over the grass makes me cringe. And they always want MORE than that. Like the mayor said “Grass is important.” Just remember, this place is a back yard to thousands and thousands of Manhattanites…like me.


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