Starbucks, sweet Starbucks

I have to dedicate a post to Starbucks – the temple at which I pray each and every day. It is my second home, the provider of caffeinated life-blood, my contact with the outside world. They now know me at 2 of the 5 Starbucks in my neighborhood.

Yes, that’s right, there are 5 Starbucks within a 5-7 minute walk of my building. When I heard they would be closing 600 stores in the US (, I shuddered to think that even one of mine might go. The Seattle Times came up with this nifty Google Map of confirmed and rumored stores to be closing and so far none in NYC are on there. Whew! You can check it out here

I know it seems crazy, but I need my Starbucks – all of them. One has great lattes, one always has M&M cookies (which I need to stop eating), one has a singing barista, and one knows my order, according to weather, when I walk in. Plus I wouldn’t want any of my “friends” to lose their jobs. So I’m really hoping that all of my Starbucks stay in tact.

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