Construction Disruption

I do love living in the city, but one thing I could really do without is all this damn construction!! As you can see from the views from our balcony, there are currently three buildings going up in the immediately area. And…I…hate them!

It is so loud. ALL THE TIME! They start around 7am and quit around 6pm. I swear to you that it sounds like they are building the first railroad all over again outside my window.

Unfortunately, the balcony is off Brady’s room. See we live in a one-bedroom apartment so we put up a temporary wall to create a nursery. But our bedroom was too small to split and due to fire codes the wall has to partition off an area with a window so the only way we could put it up was to give Brady the balcony. This also means that Brady gets all of the construction noise and that everyday he wakes up halfway through his afternoon nap and will not go back to sleep in his crib. So everyday I get a 45 minute break and 45 minutes of a child sleeping on my chest. It’s nice the first few times, but it gets old.

The other problem I have with the construction is what they are constructing. All of these buildings are luxury condominiums. Not only do they have the most obnoxious names – The Brompton which apparently is stylishly proper, The Lucida where you can live smarter, and of course in light of who you are The Georgica – but I really want to know who will be shelling out the 1+ million dollars that these places cost. Honestly, living here in my one bedroom with a pressure wall nursery that I can barely afford, I’d really like to know just how many multi-millionaires there are who need stylishly proper living.

4 responses

  1. New York City has always been home to international investors and wealthy citizens from around the world who have the discretionary millions to buy luxury in the U.S. Places that were built for middle and upper middle class Americans years ago, such as Peter Cooper and Styvesant Town, don’t cater to that class any more. New York City isn’t really an American city…it is a world city…with a wealthy global citizenry. I would hate all the construction, noise, dirt and the lost view too, but there are great trade-offs to live in New York.

  2. I think you should come up with your own names for these behemoth buildings. How about the Bromide, the LucidNot, and the Gorganzolla.

  3. I have the same questions in my head when I see these types of buildings being constructed…I mean, I’m not saying they should be putting up more projects or anything, but really?! Especially in places like LIC or Williamsburg, where more affordable housing should be widely available but isn’t… Stinks that you have to deal w/all that noise too!

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