I heart my BlackBerry

At the end of June my mobile contract finally ran out and my husband and I got a family plan, which – with his corporate discount – saved us enough money for me to get my very own smart phone and data plan.

Last Friday my shiny, silver, little BlackBerry Pearl arrived and it took me about an hour to become completely addicted to it. Now I can surf the internet while sitting in the park, message my husband from the grocery store, and reply to emails while I play with Brady on the floor in his room.

Not only can I do all of these super-fun wonderful things, but my BlackBerry gives me something else. In my world of pushing strollers, changing diapers, washing clothes, and singing silly songs my BlackBerry makes me feel like someone legitimate again.

For some reason, as I push my green Bugaboo around the streets of the Upper East Side, my BlackBerry makes me feel like I have something to do, somewhere to be, things to accomplish – even if I don’t. And even if I don’t, I don’t care, I like feeling like I do.


3 responses

  1. The Blackberry is great — if you can stop yourself from getting addicted to it! I recently took a class on “happiness” at my local YMCA and one piece of advice given was to not get too reliant on the Blackberrry…to make sure you turn it off when you go to dinner/brunch etc wtih a friend or significant other. My boyfriend has been doing that since we took the class together and it’s made a huge difference in our conversations. we’re not interrupted as much anymore….

  2. That’s too funny. I’m afraid to get one for fear that I will become too addicted and my husband will leave me.
    Make sure to email me pictures of Brady!

  3. My husband has been ignoring me for his phone for years now;) I figure now at least I have something to do when he’s obsessively checking the Yankee game.
    It’s not the phone though, I blame his OCD/ADD personality.

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