Ooooo filming

Yesterday they were filming something in Carl Shurz Park where Brady and I take our morning walk. I just love coming across sets. It’s one of the nice little perks of living here in NYC. I’m a good New Yorker…I behave. I never gawk or go up to celebrities or shout things out when I see cameras. But when I see those signs up on the parking meters, or the tell-tale cables running everywhere, or those TomCat catering trucks, my heart speeds up just a little.

I can’t help it. It’s sort of exciting to see something that people all over the world will watch being filmed in a place that you think of as mundane and everyday. A place that, to you, is home.

It’s especially cool when a neighborhood you are so familiar with gets transformed into someplace else. I’ll never forget the day that I rounded the corner on my way to work to come face to face with 26th St after the apocalypse. For a second I was really scared. All the cars were covered with dust, litter lay in the street, and for some reason old Christmas decorations were hanging from the street lights. Then I saw the sign telling me that it was a Will Smith film and reveled in the movie magic.

Yesterday they were filming a kid’s show. But I still sat with Brady and watched. It’s just one of those little things that I love about this city.


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  1. I agree, I love it when I come across a film shoot in the city. (A few weeks ago, a movie crew was by my office — and I was able to see Julie Roberts up close and personal, which was pretty fun…)

    I live on the East Side by Carl Schultz park, I’m going to see if they’re still filming today…

  2. AHA! Finally a Civil War related post on your blog. As you no doubt know, Carl Shurz (pronounced Shirts) was a German immigrant who was instrumental in securing the German vote for the Republicans and Lincoln in 1860. He was rewarded by the 16th POTUS with a General’s commission, and was in command of 11th Corps at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863 when Oliver Otis Howard (founder of Howard University) took over Wing Command from John Reynolds, who had been KIA that morning

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