Babies need SO much stuff!

Since Brady is apparently a giant baby – he’s in the 90th percentile for height and weight – he has been outgrowing all the things that are supposed to last until he’s a year old. That and we’ve been trying to save space in our little apartment are the reasons that we had a TON of stuff to buy for him.

So today the kid, the husband, and the in-laws, and I all got into the car (with semi-working air conditioning on a 95+ degree day, fun) and went to the Babies R Us in Union Square.

The Babies R Us in the city is both a blessing and curse. It’s great to have a place to go to buy baby staples and giant boxes of diapers. Plus they have a nursing room so it’s a haven to breastfeed in while hanging out in the area. That nursing room makes going to another part of the city so much less fear-inducing. I mean, I would feed him anywhere, but I don’t generally like to make strangers uncomfortable with my naked breasts and Brady loves to flash Mommy while he’s eating.

But Babies R Us is also a HUGE hassle. It’s always crowded, the elevators take too long, you can never find an employee to help you, the air conditioning doesn’t really work (a theme today it seems), and the line is always SO long.

So usually, it begins as a nice trip out of the UES and becomes me huffing and puffing and sweating and waiting and generally going insane.

But we all survived the day and now Brady has a carseat that is safe for his huge butt to sit in, a brandy new highchair, and diapers to last at least a month! Yay!

Babies R Us in Union Square – I love you, but I still HATE you too.


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  1. Babies certainly bring out the uber-consumer in all of us. Amazing how many things you *need* and lived your whole life without….!

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