I am a brat with two strollers

Yes, I am one of those people. I gave in to the hype and got a Bugaboo Chameleon. Yes, all-in-all it cost about $1000. But I LOVE it. The bassinet attachment was Brady’s bed for the first 3 months of his life. The carseat attached to it and I could snuggle him in there in the cold weather. The seat faces forward or back. The shocks are amazing. Despite the wide wheel-base I can navigate it around tiny delis and I can swivel it in and out of doors with one hand. The bag under the seat fits 3 bags of groceries, and the rain cover, and an umbrella, and my sling. I could go on and on.

But – it doesn’t fold up in one piece, it’s heavy, and it’s big. Also, it cost $1k so I don’t want the airlines to mess it up if I check it on a plane. And that brings us to stroller number 2. We did have a little Graco base for our carseat which was great for taking cabs and travelling to see my family. But now that Brady has outgrown his infant seat we can’t do that anymore. So we bought a lite little MacLaren Volo. It folds in a snap, only weighs 8.6lbs and goes anywhere. Now we use it when we’re going out to dinner, getting on the bus or the subway, and travelling by plane.

My in-laws wanted to get us something big for the baby and so they generously got us the Bugaboo. If that hadn’t been the case we probably would have gone with something else, but I am so happy I have it. For city-living I really do recommend it. But apparently even a $1000 stroller can’t do everything.

And so I am a brat and I have two strollers for my one baby. But I need them. I really do.

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  1. Wow! I can’t believe the price of the stroller, but it sounds like you are getting good mileage and it handles well. I remember when the first umbrella strollers came out. My back always hurt to see babies in such uncomfortable positions and there was no support in those…they were just made from a cloth sling between two poles. Bugaboo, eh? My niece is expecting her first baby in mid-August…hmmm.

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