Baby Tylenol and rectal thermometers

My poor angel baby got a fever today. Other than a little bit of the sniffles, in his whole 8 1/2 months of life he’s never been sick. But this morning I picked him up and his whole little body felt warm. I took his temperature under his arm and it soared up past 98.6. His temperature has never registered more than 98 under his arm, so I prepared myself, got out the vaseline and took his temperature in his little tushie.

It was less traumatic than I had expected, but not exactly pleasant either. The thermometer read 100.3. Our pediatrician had told me that anything over 100.3 counted as a fever, but it was still scary. I called the nurses’ desk and left a message.

A few hours later, Brady seemed fine and I hadn’t heard from them. I blew it off. But they never called me back and by the time my husband got home he was warm again and just not acting himself. So again we went through the tush trauma and this time it was 100.9. So again we called the doctor, only to get a call back saying that it’s probably nothing. We gave him some Tylenol and he cooled down.

Unfortunately it doesn’t feel like nothing to me and I’ve been on edge all day. I know he’s probably fine and it’s most likely because he’s teething, but I just want my baby to be a-ok and his perfect and loud and jumpy little self. Here’s hoping he wakes up fine in the morning.


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