I met Derek Jeter!

And it was unfortunately not as exciting as it should have been. I made the horrible mistake of actually making contact with him

One of the coolest things – at least in my opinion – about living in New York is celebrity sightings. Seeing stars filming is definitely cool. But the very best sightings are of celebs doing ordinary, everyday things in the same places that you do: playing with their kids, grocery shopping, seeing a movie. I’ll admit I’m a little celeb crazy, but I can’t help it. When you see Uma Thurman strolling through the park you eat lunch in everyday, it’s just cool. But New Yorkers are supposed to be good and go on about their days as if the person were never there – and I usually do – but in this case I just could not resist. Derek Jeter was sitting there…drinking coffee…at (one of) MY Starbucks.

Yesterday my mother-in-law took Brady to the park and I was planning to go to my beloved Starbucks to get a latte and sit and read a book. But as I walked up the steps to the store I spotted someone sipping coffee with a friend…Derek Jeter! I immediately called my husband, who advised me to touch him and run away. What I did was drink my coffee, and then go and meet my mother-in-law with the baby and bring them back to Starbucks.

My mother-in-law is NOT impressed by celebrities. She just doesn’t understand what all the fuss is, they’re just people. But she saw how excited I was and encouraged me to go up to him. I decided to get a picture of him and Brady.

This was my fatal flaw. Lots of people were going up to him by this point and asking him to sign things and take pictures. I went up and stammered out my request. He looked at me, unsmiling, and said sure and turned to take the picture.

It was fine. But I felt awful. I was embarrassed and felt foolish. Like I did when I asked my high school crush out only to have him tell me that I wasn’t his type.

I’m finding it a bit hard to watch the Yankee game tonight. I’m having flashbacks to my palm-sweating run-in. But at least Brady will have a picture of himself with a baseball great to show his kids.


8 responses

  1. Hopefully some day the boy will get a chance to meet a real BASEBALL player – you know, someone who plays the game in which everybody has to bat, and the managers do more than just talk to the umps before the first pitch.

  2. And I want to thank your Yankees for playing like girls – girls who can’t play, I might add – and losing 2 out of 3 to the Buccos this year. Of course, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re in last place.

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  4. Did u consider it own statement about all the people surrounding him already? I mean come on, we’re all human! Do u get accosted everywhere u go? U ever feel tired,jjust want to be left alone or…whatever?
    U were finding it hard to watch the Yankees game bc this man obliged -& took a picture
    with u and it kid? What exactly would have made u happy? Should he have jumped up,clapped his hands, held u & ur baby inhis arms while looking at u ( oh & baby)adoringly?

    Sounds like u got more than a lot of ppls that have never even seen a famous person up close like that. Ever consider Jeter, or any
    celebrity cherishes their “own” time? Ever consider how often athletes get approached by fans wanting stuff?
    Maybe just maybe give him the benefit of the doubt that ya know…they are human too?
    Did he say no? Obviously not bc here’s the pic.
    Sorry, I get u didn’t get the reaction YOU wanted but the truth is, he could easily said NO! like a lot of celebrities do!
    IMO u way overreacted, not to mention, see how long things can be found on the internet? I or anyone can see it kids pic AND know his name.

  5. 1 last thing. I think less of a mother posting her BABY’S picture AND name on the internet.

    Lastly, my advice, think about the fact that celebrities are after all only human.
    Do you even know how much time & $$ he devotes to kids? His foundation?
    Maybe rethink that b4 you judge.

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