MTA frustration

On Saturday we headed down to Union Square to meet up with some friends for lunch. With our new MacLaren stroller the subway was SO much easier! Yay! And it would have been great…if the subway had actually been running properly.

It never fails that when we plan a weekend subway trip something goes wrong with the train. We never attempt a Sunday, the trains NEVER run right on Sunday, but Saturday might sometimes be ok. And since we live on the East Side we have no choice in trains. We’re lucky that we live on an express stop so that we can at least go between the local and express.

We arrived at the station and the local platform was jammed so we went downstairs to wait for a 4/5. We were so excited that a train came right away only to see that it was empty and read “Not In Service” and stopped right in front of us. So now, not only was this train not running, but we knew no other train could come while it was sitting there. Fifteen dripping sweaty minutes later the doors opened and the train went into service – woohoo! We had a lovely time at lunch and no problems on the way back.

This wasn’t such a big deal at all. Just a bit of a wait. But I just don’t understand why there are inevitably problems – that have not been posted – on the subway on the weekends. We have ended up in the middle of Bed Stuy with no warning, been stranded in the Financial District, and had to switch trains at Grand Central more times than I can count. And our friends wonder why we don’t want to pop out to Brooklyn on a Sunday???

And yet the MTA has just raised fares and plans to do so again not once but twice in the next three years! I can’t get into the whole thing here as I would go on forever, but they have been reporting shady financials and proposed repairs and improvements for years much to the ire of New York straphangers. All I can say is I had better see some service improvements and soon!

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