You have a baby…in a bar…

We thought that when we had a baby we would be forever banished to family restaurants that hand out baby-food encrusted highchairs and crayons, and house screaming children and frustrated parents. We didn’t want to be those people with the fussy baby at the $50-a-person French Brasserie, but we didn’t want to eat with other kids for the next 12 years either.

But some bars are surprisingly baby-friendly and help my husband and I feel like adults. Bars at lunch are perfect. We can have a beer and relax, the waitresses generally love Brady, and Brady can be fascinated by sports on big-screen tvs. Most of the places we go have at least one highchair and they’re rarely used so we don’t feel too gross when Brady inevitably bites it. The best thing is that bars are usually deserted at lunchtime (unless there’s a big game) so there aren’t many people for Brady to annoy.

We still go to family-friendly places and it’s not bad at all. But it’s great to have somewhere else to go, especially since we live just off 2nd Ave – the bar capital of the UES.

So yes…I have a baby…in a bar…and I love it!


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