Le Bebe Matinee

On Wednesday I went to the Crybaby Matinee at the theater around the corner. It’s a movie offered once a week for moms of kids up to five where they supposedly have stroller valet, a changing table, and keep the lights up. I’ve attempted to go before, but it was always a horrible movie or no one was there or I chickened out. This time, I had never heard of the movie and I was the only one there, but I went anyway. It was too hot out to walk around much and I was tired of my apartment.

So I went in and the theater was dark so I had to ask them to turn the lights back on. They did and Brady and I went in. The movie had already started and I realize that it’s in French and has subtitles! So I sit down and Brady is engrossed in the huge screen and we start to watch. It turns out the movie is based on a book that I read and really enjoyed. It was Tell No One and it was really quite good.

I just want to mention that there was no changing table (actually none in the theater that I could find), and no stroller valet but since I was the only one there I took one of the handicapped spots which worked very nicely. Not sure if they have these things if there is more than one baby present.

While there were some negatives – the $12 (yes $12!) ticket price, the fact that there were subtitles (hello, I have a baby, he’s not letting me watch every moment), the ice-cold temperature of the theater, and the lack of changing table, I was really glad I went. It gave me something to do for a few hours, and it helped me work on the big project of “getting Brady to be still for more than five seconds at a time.” Plus the movie was good and I got to refresh my French. I love being able to tell when the subtitles don’t match the dialogue.

Now if only some other moms would go so I would I have someone to hang out with. That would be nice.


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  1. They have a website posted at the theater, but it’s totally fake. I usually walk by the day before or so and ask what’ll be playing. You can also call to find out.
    I have a feeling it’s going to be Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

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