Hooray for Greenmarket!

Last summer Greenmarket came to the Upper East Side – actually right to the parking lot at our church. On Saturdays in July through November we can get fresh fruits and veggies, homemade breads, and awesome local seafood just a few blocks away.

I used to go Union Square after work on Fridays, but since I don’t work anymore and carting the kid and all his stuff and a bag of apples and some zucchini and a loaf of bread is pretty difficult on the subway, this is perfect.

A few weeks ago we started buying the seafood there. We’ve always been a little bit seafood-phobic – when it comes to cooking it anyway. It’s so easy to mess up. But since our little Greenmarket is never very crowded, we get to chat with the people at the booths and get cool cooking tips.

On Saturday we got fresh scallops and I made seared scallops with lemon orzo. It was very easy and fairly quick to make and turned out so yummy.

So yay for the Greenmarket for supporting local business, helping the environment, and bringing delicious meals to my table.

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