Seperation anxiety sucks…

and a Brady update!

Brady is now 9-months-old and separation anxiety and stranger fear have set in. He still loves strangers, he

This is how I do dishes now.

This is how I do dishes now.

just doesn’t want them to hold him. I’m lucky to have my mother-in-law close, not working, and happy to come over and help me out. She comes over twice a week so I can do my freelance work, work on classwork, update my blog, whatever. About a week and a half ago I went out and left Brady with her and when I got back he reached for me and would NOT LET GO! He didn’t want to go back to her. I knew this was around the time for separation anxiety to begin so it didn’t concern me.

However, my mother came in for the weekend and we were having a great time. Brady was loving her and played with her and let her hold him, it was awesome. Until my husband and I had the audacity to go out for 20 minutes and leave him with my mom. He cried nearly the entire time we were gone, with real tears and great big gulping sobs! After this incident he was convinced that we wanted to leave him again and cried if I even went to the bathroom and left him with Grandma. Geez! The husband and I were all psyched to go for a run together, but we just couldn’t saddle my mother with the screaming wonder for that long. We had to settle for a trip to Barnes and Noble alone together after the kid was in bed.

He went in on Friday for his 9-month checkup where the doctor told us that this will probably get worse before it gets better. Super!

So now that the boy is a whole 9-months-old here’s an update.

He now weighs 22lbs and is 28.25 inches long! He has gained 14lbs 11oz and grown 8.25 inches since he was born.

He is crawling, pulling up, and cruising. He sort of says mama, dada, and no. Except they sound like numnum, ditditda, and ninininin. But he clearly means to address us and use the negative.

He loves to walk around if we’re holding his hands. He gives me raspberries on my belly and on his daddy’s arms and is seriously just a wonder. He is such a…well…a person now! Amazing!!!

to this!

to this!

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