Crawling is treacherous!

The boy is on the move.

Brady’s been crawling for a little over three weeks now and although he gets steadier, more sure, and faster each day – he still keeps hitting his head!

I swear each time one of his forehead bruises disappears he gets a new one. And he crashes at the strangest times. It’s not when he’s trying to climb the highchair or wildly chasing after the cat, rather, he whacks his head against the floor when he’s sitting perfectly still and reaches over for a toy or as he stops crawling in the middle of the living room and tries to sit back up. It’s amazing really.

I keep thinking that the other mothers at the playground will report me to Child Services. Brady has been sporting matching devil horn-placed bruises on either side of his forehead everyday on the swings. Thankfully the pediatrician thought it was funny, so I know it must not be anything out of the ordinary.

Here he comes!

Hopefully the pain will eventually help him learn to be more careful.


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