But mommies can’t get sick

I’m going to write a few posts about our AWESOME trip to Bermuda, but first I have to say something about what happened when we got home – we all got sick and I got it the worst!

I now know to keep this in the house.

Since Brady was born I’ve been terrified of getting sick. What would I do? How would I take care of the baby? I did eventually get a cold and that wasn’t too bad, but this was something else entirely. On Wednesday morning, Brady was having trouble sleeping and (excuse the TMI, there will be a lot of it here) was very very gassy. Later that morning he had diarrhea! He’s never had this problem before. I thought maybe it was just from the travel. I called the pediatrician who told me to give him Pedialyte and that if he was ok by the next day not to worry. But I did worry and I felt nauseous – which I thought was from the worry.

But Brady seemed fine after that – YAY for magical breastmilk!! I, however, was not fine. After dinner I just felt worse…and worse…and worse. I couldn’t sleep. And then it happened – I threw up!! I never throw up! And of course Brady decided to wake up just then and want only me and I could not hold him. My husband finally got him calmed down and I went out to the couch, where I stayed awake for the next 4 hours periodically running to the bathroom to puke. It was the worst.

Thursday I felt like death warmed over and Brady was as active as ever. Thank goodness my mother-in-law came over, otherwise I would have spent the day lying on Brady’s floor tossing toys at him hoping he would play with them.

The husband got mildly sick the next day, but nothing like what I had. Today I am finally able to almost eat like a normal person again. Wow! That was brutal. I remember thinking when I was little that mommies don’t get sick…my poor mother must have been good at hiding it!


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