Family Vacation

Our very first family vacation was about the best that anyone could ask for. Adjusting to real life again has been a bit brutal (especially with the stomach flu and all). Here’s a quick recap:

We arrived on Thursday early afternoon to a cloudy, rainy island. We were picked up by our friend and drove (on the wrong side of the road!) back to his amazing house! They have everything you could want: a beautiful view, plenty of space, a pool, and beer on tap! We went out to lunch, grilled for dinner and basically had a great lazy day. Brady got to know the doggies and they became fast friends.

Friday we had the house to ourselves and although it was cloudy it was HOT. We spent the day at the pool which Brady absolutely loved! Our other host came home, Brady took a two hour nap entirely in the pack n play, and we went out for a fabulous dinner.

Saturday was beach day! Woohoo! We spent the morning in the pool and the afternoon at a wonderful, shallow, calm beach which Brady was a huge fan of. You could walk and walk and walk and the water was never over 4 feet deep.

Sunday we went to the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen – Horseshoe Bay Beach. The sand is actually pink, the water is turquoise, the waves lap at your ankles and there is a gorgeous little cove where all the kids play. We spent most of our time there with Brady. Tropical fish even swam around our feet!

Monday was our last day and we spent it by the pool again. Brady was a huge fan and was even brave enough to dunk his face in by then. Our friend made us a yummy risotto for dinner and we were so sad to say goodbye since he would be off to work before we got up.

The flight back was uneventful other than some turbulence coming in which Brady thought was some type of exciting bonus. It was an amazing trip. It was great to see our friends, amazing to see Brady’s reaction to everything new (pools, and beaches, and doggies – oh my!), and just so wonderful to spend that much time together just being a family.

More on what I got from the trip later…


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