Evil Mommy leaves child at gym

Gym childcare that is. And he HATES it! But it is getting better.

When Brady was around 8 months the husband and I discovered that our gym, New York Sports Club, has childcare on Saturdays for $5 an hour. We were psyched! One of our favorite pre-baby activities was working out together. Alas, our child does not like to be cared for at the gym. There is only one babysitter on Saturdays so she suggested that I bring him during the week when there are two of them to help him get used to it. Soon after we went through separation anxiety hell and this project was temporarily abandoned.

Recently he’s been better about the separation and even spent an afternoon with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend without incident. So I decided to take up the gym project again. I took him twice last week. He was screaming when I dropped him off, no matter how I or they tried to distract him, and he was screaming when I picked him up 20 minutes later. They tell me that he didn’t scream the whole time, but I don’t know if I believe it.

Today, once again, he was screaming when I dropped him off. But, to my surprise and delight, he was not screaming when I picked him. He was desperately trying to escape from the room by crawling over the barrier of strollers they had put up, but there were no tears and he even smiled when he saw me. Progress!!!

One response

  1. He sounds just like my boy. Whenever the door the playroom at Gymboree opens he runs full speed to get through it before the door closes. If he is successful he runs right for the elevator.

    Keep in mind he is only 14 months old.

    It’s almost like he is tuned into the sound of the painted wood separating as the door opens. His head perks up like an animal in the wild.

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