It's hard to get a picture of those teeth

After ten long months of waiting – the last six of which we and everyone else we know has sworn that Brady has been teething – we finally have teeth. Of course my odd child would get his top teeth first. Babies usually get the front bottom teeth first followed by the top, but not my little guy.

A week and a half ago I checked Brady’s gums as I do every morning, only to be disappointed again. But later that day he was chewing on my collarbone (unfortunately one of his favorite activities) and I felt something scratchy. I thought something was in his mouth so I tried to wipe it off, only to find a tooth!!! Who knew I would ever be so elated by normal human physical development?

Five miserable days and nights later toothy number 1 was joined by its next door neighbor. After that first tooth arrived, I think real teething began. Brady has been sleeping terribly, nursing constantly, and just a little more crabby than usual. Let’s hope those bottom two teefers get their act together and pop through soon!

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