So I read somewhere that once your child understands the word “no” you should use it sparingly but forcefully. Whoever wrote that did not know my child.

It’s difficult to keep everything out of baby’s reach in a sub-600-square-foot apartment. I try to keep the dangerous things completely away from him and the annoying things as far away as feasibly possible. As a result, he finds everything he should not touch and I tell him “no”, over and over again. Also, he already knows that he HATES this word and promptly throws a fit when told no or when an object is taken away from him or he is taken away from an object.

Here are some of the things that I have lovingly told my son not to do today. It is currently 2:39pm.

“No, Brady, it’s 5am it is not time to get up yet.” “No, Brady, we do not eat paper towels.” “No, Brady, don’t take the remote.” “No, Brady, please don’t flush the toilet again.” “No, Brady, do not hit the kitty.” “No, Brady, if you crawl under the chair you will hit your head.” “No, Brady, you cannot have the spoon with food on it.” “No, Brady, that is Mommy’s fork.” “No, Brady, we do not eat leaves.” “No, Brady, we do not eat dirt.” “No, Brady, please don’t crawl in the wet sand.”

Fun right? I’m trying to come up with more creative ways of saying “no” without actually using the word. This is getting tiresome. And I know it can only get worse from here.

No, Brady, don't eat that Big League Chew. (Just kidding, I was totally letting him play with that.)


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