What a scare! -or- Why I really hate construction

I have ranted and raved about the abundance of construction in our neighborhood before. But after what happened Sunday I have a totally new anger toward the whole thing.

Does this look safe?

Brady and I walked over and met the husband after his workout at the gym on Sunday and the three of us were going to grab some lunch. On our way over to the bar we walked through the dreaded Georgica Brompton* construction site. Near the end of the scaffolding-covered area there was what looked like a pile of rugs across the entire sidewalk, blocking the way. On the sides were tarps and some crooked-looking caution sawhorses.

I thought that the rug must be covering something solid, like the black plastic speed-bump-type things that they run over wires or gaps in the sidewalk. So I started over with the Bugaboo. Unfortunately it was NOT solid and the front wheels got caught in the bumps in the rug and the stroller began to tip over. In my rush to grab the stroller I also got caught and tripped and fell over. The stroller went right on over on top of Brady. I screamed!

My husband scrambled over and pulled the stroller off the baby as I got up. He was fine – screaming but fine. The bar on the front of the seat and the harness prevented him from actually hitting the ground. He did end up biting his lip which bled a bit. Today he has no mark. I, however, have a giant bump and green bruise which basically covers my left shin. Fun.

A witness called 911 to report it and I called 311. I made a report with the Dept. of Buildings which told me it would take 10 days to investigate. Awesome – the rugs were gone yesterday so it’ll do a ton of good. 911 sent over an ambulance which we told them that we would not be needing. The EMT’s suggested we make a report with the police so they radioed them and we waited. Now for the worst part.

When the police car finally arrived the officers walked over to me and the one who was clearly in charge said, “So, why am I here?” scowling and rolling his eyes. When we told him what happened he was obviously annoyed and told us that he wouldn’t be able to do a thing and I quote, “I mean there’s no report unless someone goes to the hospital. What do you want me to do? When you enter a construction site you’re supposed to know to proceed with caution.” He never even looked at my husband or I.

Um, what?!?!?! Could you PLEASE have a tiny bit of humanity and be at least courteous to the woman who just fell over with her baby? Now I’m fairly sure that it’s illegal to leave debris blocking the entire sidewalk at a construction site making it hazardous for people to pass through. But whatever. We only wanted to make a report so no one else would get hurt. If they couldn’t do something about that, fine. But honestly, couldn’t they at least be nice?

I really wish I had gotten his name and badge number so I could have made a complaint. So, Mr. Officer, to answer your question…you were there because you are a policeman and your job is to respond to calls. I called…you came. Got it?

I just want to make it clear that I have nothing against the NYPD. I know a few officers and all of the other police-people I have ever dealt with from the NYPD have been nothing but wonderful. This is just for you – responding officer on Sunday. Oh and you too Georgica Brompton* – I can’t imagine who’s going to buy your $1 million plus condos with this economy!

*There are so many of them I can’t keep them straight!!!


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  1. I hate that area. I always walk on the other side of the street now, regardless of where I’m going. I figure the thick dust that gathers in those tunnels can’t be good for the baby.

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