On Saturday morning the most amazing thing happened. I was sitting at the computer in our bedroom and the husband was playing with the boy on the floor. He kept standing him up and telling him to walk to mommy over and over again.

He stood looking very serious and wiggling his feet a bit. He laughed and waved his hands. And then he did it…he took two shuffley, quick, little steps all by himself!!!!! We clapped and clapped for him and he crashed down on his bum and laughed at himself. He was too wound up to try it again just then.

I just HAD to walk over to this cool little fence!

That afternoon we took him to the park planning to go to a different playground for a change. It was an absolutely gorgeous and very warm fall day. All of the playgrounds were jam packed, so instead we opted for practice-walking on the lawn.

We found a nice, even, flat piece of land and tried to replicate that morning’s event. By coaxing him with interesting sticks and leaves we got him to do two steps again and again. Finally we found a really cool looking tree with a little fence around it. We knew he would love it so we headed over there and tried it again. Just a bit away from touching that fence, Mr. Brady took four steps in a row! I had tears in my eyes! He fell down just before he could grab it so we brought him over and he proceeded to circle the tree by holding onto the fence.

We practiced again on Sunday and he did five steps in a row! There have been no steps since. He has decided that crawling is far more efficient and definitely easier. But I’m sure he’ll do it again. My little boy took his first steps!!!!

And how cool is it that we can tell him that he practiced his first steps in Central Park? That’ll be one he can tell his kids.


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  1. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! Cuz, like, nobody ever does. (I do write for Chicago Moms Blog, though, and that gets a few more hits.) It’s ironic that you were also in the publishing industry. I just quit my job in educational publishing yesterday. I’m freaking out about my SAHM gig, and the ability to get freelance work. So, you know, we have a lot in common.

    Congrats on your kid walking!

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