Rain, rain go away!

I’ve never really been a fan of rain, but I didn’t mind it so much until I moved to the city. Here in NYC I think rain is just the worst! Back when I was working it meant getting soaked while dodging umbrellas on the sidewalk all the way to the subway, then getting soaked by some jerk who has to wait until they are all the way under before closing their umbrella as I walked down the steps, then getting dripped on by everyone else’s umbrellas while on the subway, then getting soaked walking to the office, then sitting – you got it – soaked in my office until lunch when I would go out and get soaked again.

I hate rain, but I do love my galoshes!

Now with a baby it is far worse! It either means staying inside all day and following the kid around as he tears things up and then dealing with Mr Cranky all afternoon because he hasn’t gone out all day or braving the rain. If I choose to brave the rain it means I have to use the rain cover for the stroller which is tricky to put on, doesn’t work all that well, and makes the kid angry. Plus I have to juggle anything I’m carrying, plus the umbrella, plus push the stroller. Worst of all I can’t drink my coffee while we walk.

I hate to be such a complainer – but rain just SUCKS! Luckily this morning we had swim class which took up some time and entertained Brady for awhile. He was nice enough to fall asleep as soon as we walked out the door which meant that I could sit at Starbucks and drink my coffee while he slept before class. Very nice.

I’m just hoping this winter isn’t a rainy one. Ugh.


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