Happy Halloween!

Halloween in New York is something just entirely different than anywhere else I’ve gone. First of all, kids trick-or-treat at stores which is just bizarre to me, but the only way to do it if you think about it. Some buildings with a lot of children will organize a trick-or-treat and some people will sit on their stoops to give out candy but, for the most part, kids go to stores and delis and bodegas for their candy.

Then there’s the adult Halloween. We have the Village Halloween Parade. Which is, well, just awesome! I’ve gone 3 times and loved it every time. The costumes are out of this world, the floats are amazing, the music is cool. Anyone who can should really go at some point. I always see kids there although some of the costumes are R-rated. I’ve seen some boobies and some buttcheeks, that’s for sure!

The Brady Lion

I have unfortunately become old (really, can 29 be old?) and I haven’t dressed up for 2 straight years. It’s sad. And really this year should be my year. My boobs are still big  and my waist is still tiny from breastfeeding. If I could ever wear a slutty witch/devil/fairytale-princess/ragdoll/etc costume, this would be the time. But this year, instead, I have my little lion to show off and a whole new way to experience Halloween! We went to the Halloween walk last weekend at my in-laws and he had a great time. Tonight we’re going to take him around to all our regular places in our neighborhood in his costume.

I know Brady doesn’t really care yet, but I do!!Plus I hope I’ll get some candy;)

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