Hi, I'm Brady. I'm almost one year old and I still like the boob.

No, not like Paris Hilton’s show or signatures in your high school yearbook – I’m talking about BreastFeeding Friends. I have finally become friendly with a few moms who are still bfing their one-year-olds and even a little older. It seems it would be so rare to find these people and yet I had more trouble meeting others who nursed when Brady was 3 months than I do now. Maybe it’s because moms who are still nursing at a year are desperate to commune with others in the same boat. Perhaps, like me, they think they are oddballs and need reassurance that what they are doing is normal. Maybe it’s just nice to swap stories about screaming kiddies in the middle of the night who will accept nothing but the boob or discuss what in the heck we’re supposed to do to get them to eventually wean. Whatever it is, I am SO happy I found them. It really makes me feel better.

And by the way, yes you read that right, I am breastfeeding my almost ONE-YEAR-OLD! My little baby is turning one year old on Saturday! I cannot believe a whole year has gone by. Expect frequent, nostalgic, retrospective, and introspective posts this week…


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