A year gone by…


Birthday Boy!

I really wanted to write something on the big day…but it was a BIG day and I just didn’t get time. The party was wonderful, the boy had a blast and got some awesome gifts, my cakes came out great. It was just an beautiful day. I’m a little sad now that it’s all over. A whole year has passed and my baby is getting so big. I just wanted to reflect for a minute on what it was like when the big event went down.

One year ago I went to my 38-week checkup at my OB – where she told me that she thought I would go soon, but that I really hadn’t made any progress. Imagine my shock when, 3 hours later, my water broke with a huge gush at work. Especially since our birthing class instructor had told us “it’s not as if your water’s going to break with a big gush while you’re at work and you’ll have to go running off to the hospital.” No, I am not kidding.

Honestly, labor seems like a blur of pain and sleep when I look back on it. I remember pushing and I remember very clearly when he was finally born. I checked to be sure he was a boy (what would we have done with all of those blue clothes?) and they put him on chest. He wasn’t as gooey as I expected and he was quite squished up. We thought his poor little nose would never recover! But it did and now he’s the cutest boy who ever lived (if you ask me). After they cleaned him up and did his APGARs they gave him back to me and he nursed like a champ from the first moment – something he is still doing to this day.

Bringing him home from the hospital was absolutely surreal. We had no idea what to do with him or what life would be like. As it turned out, life was hard for awhile. But it’s gotten easier and more fun. Today I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I honestly cannot believe that I’ve been lucky enough to get this beautiful, fun, smart, and amazing little boy as my own.


My squishy-faced newborn

We still get too little sleep and don’t get enough done. I still struggle over staying home instead of going to work. It’s exhausting to say the least. But I love, love, love my little family!


My mischeivous little boy.


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