Dear UES Dog Owners

I hate to pick on dog owners, I really do. There are so many of you out there that I love. Plus Brady just adores dogs and if he’s angry to be in the stroller or in a bad mood, the sight of one will instantly cheer him up.

However, some of you are not doing your doodie-duty and you know what I mean. I understand that it is gross to put your hand inside a plastic bag and then pick up feces with it from the sidewalk. I know that it might feel embarrassing to have people watch you do this. But you still have to do it. It is not nice to let your dog take a giant dump in the middle of the sidewalk, where people walk, and then just leave it there. People cannot keep their eyes on the ground at all times, and once one person has walked in it, it becomes a mine-field that requires fancy footwork to get out of.

And I hate to tell you, but rain DOES NOT wash it away. And guess what? If there are leaves all over the place, like there are this beautiful autumn weekend, and these leaves might obscure your dog’s poop from general view this does not make it ok to let it lie there.

In fact, if you don’t pick it up from the leaves and I push my stroller through said leaves, again just enjoying a fall family type of day, the wheels of my stroller will then go straight through your dog’s crap and I will carry it home with me.

And then my husband and I will have to wait until the baby is asleep and use that precious time to scrape sh-t out of the stroller wheel with plastic knives. It is not fun and it is your fault.

Please be courteous of the people around you and PICK UP YOUR POO!!!!


This is so not cool.

As a disclaimer, I know that a lot of dog owners are very very good about this and I do not direct my rant at them, only at those who poop and leave.


2 responses

  1. Thank you for finally speaking up! I’m impressed you guys actually took to cleaning the wheet of your stroller with plastic cutlery, of all things! My Peg Pergo has dried dog sh-t on the front wheel and resides in my already crappy mini-van (excuse the pun). Honestly, it’s as if we had a child and are now completely immersed in poop!

  2. We have no other choice unfortunately. We have no car or garage to leave the stroller in and we have no hose to clean it off with. It sucks. We have to bring it into our apartment. Ugh!

    And yes, it seems like there is so much poop once you have kids!!

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