Mommy toes


Ugh, naked toes!

So this is what happens when you become a mom. Your needs often fall by the wayside in favor of the needs of your child. My mother always told me this and I’ve certainly found it to be true in many ways, but nowhere can this be better seen than on my naked, naked toenails.

From the age of 14 until this time I have never gone more than 8 days (yes 8 DAYS) without having polish on my toenails. As a teen I  did it myself in pastels and metallics and wild jungle colors, in college I indulged in a pedi from time to time and had a thing about putting a layer of sparkle polish on top, as an adult I got routine pedicures every 3 weeks in the latest and most season-friendly shades, and when I was pregnant the nail salon was my own person heaven. When I delivered Brady my fingers and toes had just been done in a dark dark purple. All of the nurses kept commenting on my nails!

I removed the cracked and peeling paint from my last pedicure just after Halloween and my toes have been this way ever since! I am not a fan of toes or feet in general and having unadorned toenails has been heretofore unacceptable to me.


Yay! Baby toes!

But, now that my personal time is limited and the holidays are upon us and family time is scarce as well, I’ve let it go. It still bugs me and I am just counting the days until my pre-Christmas pedi, but I’m proud of myself for being a big girl about it. I can have unpolished toes and still love myself. That’s a pretty big step in the life of me. Plus I get to look at these little munchkin toes everyday…and who wouldn’t love that?


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