I’m melting

My heart that is. The boy has gotten all lovey-dovey lately. He likes to give and receive hugs all the time! It is the best thing ever!

The husband and I discovered about 2 weeks ago that if you kneel down on the floor and open your arms, Brady will run over and give you a big hug. He does it multiple times a day and yet every single time it makes my heart jump in my chest.

If I ask him to find Daddy, he will run to wherever my husband is saying “daddy, daddy,” and wrap his little arms around his leg when he finds him. Precious!

One of my favorite things of all though is how much Brady loves our cat, Lola. It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t love him back in the same way, but she is a cat and she barely notices whether my husband and I  are home or not. But Brady is absolutely enthralled with her. “Diddy”, his word for kitty is the word he uses most consistently.



When he wakes up in the morning and hits the floor, his first thought is “diddy.” When we get back from a walk and he gets out of the stroller, “diddy.” When she walks into the room, “diddy!!!!” And if I sit him next to her on the chair or the bed, he lays his head on her back, puts his arms around her, scrunches her fur and says, “ahhhhhh, diddy.”

Yes he has gotten some  scratches, but she puts up with it very well. It’s only if he hits her face or pulls her tail that she swats at him and I keep her nails very very short.

I don’t know if it gets any better than this. My little man is just so lovable and loving! It’s truly an amazing thing to see him becoming more and more his own person everyday.


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