Sad day


Can you tell that I look like my Papap?

Today marks five years since my father passed away. This day is always tough for me, but I think more so this year. It hurts me so much that Brady will never get to meet his Pap and that he will never really get to know what a great person he was.
I imagine that my dad would have been a great grandfather. I know that he would have exaggerated every little milestone to any person he had the chance to tell. According to him, I’m sure that Brady would be reading on a third grade level already and be bigger and stronger than any child on earth.
One of the first thoughts I had when Brady was born was that he looked so much like my dad. It wasn’t something that I expected, but I could see my father in his face. I really take comfort in that…in the fact that I know that a little piece of my dad lives on in my son.


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