Home for Christmas

Ever since the husband and I got together 11 long years ago, I have spent Christmas with my family. That is until 2 years ago. The husband’s family is Jewish aside from him, his mother, and his sister so Christmas isn’t as big as it is for my family. Plus they really do up Thanksgiving. So we’ve always split it up that way. But 2 years ago my family got together in early December for my uncle’s birthday and so we decided to finally spend Christmas with the in-laws. Then last year we had a 6-week-0ld and couldn’t travel.

This year I am happy to say we went back to Pittsburgh to spend the holiday with my clan. And it was great!


I don't really like the car.

We decided to drive and although it was exhausting, I think it was the best decision. Brady was SO good in the car. I’m really proud of him. Although by the end of the week I think he would have been happy never to get in a car again.


Bows rock!

We spent Christmas Eve at my sister’s place and my mom stayed over as well. In the morning Brady had a wonderful time picking all of the bows  off the presents and playing with his loot. We had Christmas dinner at my aunt and uncle’s and it was so wonderful to see everyone and let them see Brady. They had a great time with him.


Teagan and I have so much fun together!

The rest of the time was spent visiting with friends, shopping, and eating yummy (and mostly unhealthy) food. When it came time to leave I was longing for my bed at home, but not ready to say goodbye to everyone.

Each time I go home to visit since Brady was born, my heart feels torn and  I think I leave a piece of it behind. I feel so comfortable with everyone that I know and love. It’s hard to come back here to live my much- more-isolated life. And yet, I don’t feel ready to leave the city yet. It still holds something for me and I’m going to milk it for all it’s got.

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