Mama said there’d be days like this…

My mother did indeed tell me there would be days like today. Even before I told her I was thinking about having kids of my own. In fact, I think she wished days like this on me to make up for my inflicting them upon her when I was a child.

Today was one of those days. Complete with three poopy diapers and the requisite screaming, kicking, clawing, jumping from the changing table fits that always accompany them. We started the day by his putting strawberries under his butt and smashing them into both his pajamas and the floor before I noticed. To get out we went to Starbucks where the only thing that made him quiet was taking my wallet apart and throwing all of my credit/debit/gift cards on the floor. A little girl about his age waved at him and he responded by screaming and reaching toward her as if to snatch off her nose.

Once we were home again he managed to empty all of his toy bins and strew the contents about our apartment several times. He also dumped a bowl of peas onto the floor and squished them in good with his feet. I needed to go to the grocery store and thought maybe a walk would do him good and the ensuing fit of melting into the floor to avoid my putting his pants/socks/shoes/coat on was enough to make me pull all of my hair out. At the store he chewed the cover off the bar on his stroller and screamed bloody murder as I took it away from him. I suspect teething is behind this heinous attitude of his, but it really doesn’t make it easier to bear.

At least he finally took a nap (laying on me, on the couch, of course). I know that days like this will probably only get worse as he becomes more self-aware, independent, and willfull. For now, I think I’m going to tell the husband we need to go out for dinner…somewhere with beer.

THIS is the kind of day today is.

THIS is the kind of day today is.

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  1. Hi Danny,

    This is Ann. I try to catch your blog every week or so by going through Uncle Bubby’s blog. Your posts are really good. I don’t know how you survived Friday – y ou must have the patience of Job to have gone through all of that! I guess mother’s love can conquer all. I never had as much time one on one that way because of Joey being in daycare. I don’t know if he behaved like that, and we just never knew…but I think the power daycare workers had was ostracization from everything to control behavior. He is really a cutie and feeling bad(teething) and not being able to tell you what is wrong would be frustrating. It must be like PMS – when you know you don’t want to wack out….but it is out of one’s control.
    We were glad to see you at Christmas – I liked your post on the holidays. Sorry we only saw you briefly – we kind of collapsed after the 25th. Next time you come, we will do gifts before dinner – because no matter what I do….dinner always runs late – never bothers me….but for others it makes for a longer day! We were really glad you could be here! I hope that you will be back next year too!

    We are headed to the Steelers game today – cold one – I’m nervous…..I hope they win.

    Talk to you soon! Keep up the good work – you are a very good mother!

    Love, Auntie Ann

  2. Thanks for reading my blog! It was a trying day, but we made it through.
    It was great to see you guys too. It’s always hard when we come home because we have so many people to see. Brady got a little overwhelmed on Christmas. But we all had a good time.
    Hope you had a good time at the game! It was worth being cold. I wish I could’ve been there!

    We’ll be home at the end of February again. I’ll send you guys an email letting you know when.

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