I’m a slow cooker, baby

I love you crockpot.

I love you even if you do take up space on my counter.

Making dinner with a toddler under your feet is no easy task. Some of the other moms in the neighborhood were telling me how much they love their crockpots and not to worry about how much precious counter space it might take up – it would be worth it. So I told my mom that that was what I wanted for Christmas and Santa kindly delivered me this slow cooker. And I LOVE it!

So far I’ve made 3 dinners in it that fed us for 4 nights. It’s awesome because I can just throw stuff in in the morning while the husband is around to keep the kid occupied and let it cook all day and then voila when he gets home from work a delicious dinner is waiting. And Brady has eaten everything I’ve made in it as well. It totally rules.

First I made beef stew which was a variation on this recipe. This was by far the husband’s fave. I also made this chicken recipe that is sort of like chicken marsala but not as fattening. It was pretty good. On Saturday I made Chicken and

Yum, yum...chicken and dumplings.

Yum, yum...chicken and dumplings.

Dumplings which I thought was awesome. I used this recipe but added carrots and celery and used chicken broth instead of water. It was seriously good. The kid ate it up and has some waiting for him for lunch as well.

I love Mommy's cooking!

I love Mommy's cooking!

I’m going to try a different beef stew with less work involved tomorrow. I’m having way too much fun with this. But it’s great to be able to have yummy, nutritious meals without trying to divert Brady’s attention for an hour while I cook.

Slow Cooker…I love you.

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