But baby, cold isn’t even the word!

snowWeeks like this one make me want to move to the suburbs! It is arctic outside and there is no way to get anywhere without braving the cold. It makes me want a car, with nice warm heat, to transport me to the grocery store or even better…the mall!

I’m tired of being stuck inside with the boy, who is also tired of being stuck inside. I have to say that, aside from drinking Cetaphil lotion yesterday morning (don’t worry Poison Control assures me he’ll be fine), Brady has been an angel about all this indoor (in)activity. He is currently obsessed with his Baby Signing Times video and has even learned his first sign!

He now signs “baby” by rocking his arms back and forth like he’s holding a  baby. Unfortunately, he uses this sign to tell me that he wants to watch the video…over and over…and over again. I’m convinced that his next sign will be “more”. “Put your fingertips together for more more more. Your fingertips together for more more more. Put your…” Oh, I’m sorry I drifted off into signing land there for a minute.

So yesterday we travelled to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan in the snow and cold. More on that later.

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