CMOM, I love you…MTA, not so much

Since it’s been so horribly cold and we’ve been stuck inside, a  friend of mine suggested we pack up the little ones and head over to the West Side and go to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. At least it would be something to do and the kiddos would be able to work out some of their energy.

First we met up at Good Enough to Eat for lunch where the kids had great fun passing food to each other across the table and fighting over who got to put the lid on their bowls. The food was yummy, but the service was slow. But we went to the museum with full bellies and two toddlers who were raring to go.

Sand rules!

Sand rules!

Brady was absolutely fascinated by the big playspace. He played at the sand table, with the giant light bright, in the jungle gym where he loved going through the tunnel and down the slide and with so many other things. He really had a great time. The museum closed at five and we got all of our coats and bags and bundled everyone up to go. My friend grabbed a cab and Brady and I walked to the bus stop.

On the way over Brady fell asleep for a much-needed, very late nap. The MTA suggests that strollers should be folded before getting on the bus. I guess the drivers really take this to heart, because despite my pleas, despite the fact that it was 12 degrees and dark, despite the fact that my baby was fast asleep three drivers would not let me on. I didn’t even try to get on any crowded buses. I waited for buses that were fairly empty so that I could just go to the back and not block the aisle. And they were mean about it too.

Wooo, lights!

Wooo, lights!

Walking home alone, across the park, in the dark, in 12 degree weather with wind-chills of 5 was not an option, so I found a Starbucks and sat there for an hour drinking a latte and reading the internet on my phone until the boy woke up. He did and we boarded the bus – with a folded stroller – and got home fine.

I’m not saying that the MTA has no reason for it’s rules, but I do think they aren’t very well thought out. I highly doubt that my sitting on the bus, balancing a squirming toddler and a mucky stroller and a diaper bag is much safer than my holding onto the stroller with the brakes on. But maybe they’ve done studies. Who knows? I do know that this makes it much more difficult to get out during the winter freeze.


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