Here we go Steelers, here we go!

Are we REALLY going to the Superbowl?

Are we REALLY going to the Superbowl?

So this has nothing to do with NYC or parenthood or anything this blog is supposed to be about, but I just had to say “Let’s go Steelers!!!”.

I’m from Pittsburgh and I’m a Stiller fan through and through and I can’t believe we’re going to the Superbowl again!!! I just wish I could be in Pittsburgh to celebrate with other fans. But oh well, I’ll have to settle for the husband and the boy and muted cheers once the latter has gone to bed. I’ll take it!

Although the boy was born in NYC he is a Steelers fan as well. The husband and I made a pact before he was born that he would cheer for the Yankees in baseball and the Steelers in football. So we’ve been working on him from day one to do just that. I doubt there’s any way he can escape it.

In honor of that I had to include a picture of Brady from the playoffs last year. This is one of our very favorite pictures of him, taken when he was about 10 weeks old.





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