Don’t hate me because I lost it

In reading ( far too many) mommy/parent blogs and celebrity websites, I have come across a phenomena. The “I hate her cause she lost her baby weight” phenomena. It never fails that when a photo is posted of a celeb mom post-baby and she is inevitably looking slim and trim, women flock to the post to comment on how unfair it is and how she has advantages that regular women don’t have, and how no real woman could bounce back like that. Of course there are always women who post that they look great or that they did it too as well.

Now, I agree that most of these celebs do have advantages that we regular women do not have, ie. baby nurses, nannies, trainers, chefs, etc. But this does not mean that that is the only reason they lost the weight or that normal women can’t. I mean, these women have obviously been genetically blessed or we wouldn’t be shelling out $2.99 week after week to look at pictures of them in US Weekly.

I have a secret – I am not a celebrity and yet I lost all my baby weight, within 2 months of giving birth, without working out, AND I went on to lose another 11-13 lbs. Some of this must be genetics. I didn’t keep a belly right after birth either. The other women on the ward were walking around still looking pregnant and I had a little bit of a pooch. Some of this I attribute to breastfeeding. Brady was a HUGE eater and I could never keep up with the calories going out to him. And some of it was probably from muscle loss because I lifted a few times a week before I got pregnant. But Brady barely nurses these days and I’m back in the gym on a semi-regular basis and I haven’t ballooned up yet.

I think a lot of it is because I quit my job. Instead of sitting at my desk all day staring at the computer I now spend a lot of time walking the neighborhood pushing a stroller, carrying around a 24lb person, chasing after a fast little person, and picking up toys.

Here Mommy, I'll help you stay skinny.

Here Mommy, I'll help you stay skinny.

But everytime I read the comments I think, “wow, wouldn’t they hate me?” And you know what? It makes me smile. I’ve had some problems with being a mom and quitting my job and living so far from my family, and I hold onto the skinny new me as a bright shining star. I relish fitting into size 6 jeans and throwing out all my pre-baby clothes. I just hope I can keep it up. Maybe I should go peruse craigslist for jogging strollers again…


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