Bad Mommy!

Ok, so I’m going to fess up – I let my kid watch television.And yes, he is one year old, the most evil time to let him watch. And, yes, I also watch TV around him.

It started innocently enough. I watch a little news while I’m eating breakfast and then the first half of Regis and Kelly. For some unknown reason I LOVE Regis and Kelly. It’s the only crap television from the newborn days (when I argued with my husband that Tyra really was a good show and that I just had to have Maury tell me who the baby daddy is) that I’ve held onto. They have a great rapport and Kelly seems almost like a normal person who actually likes spending time with her kids. I don’t usually watch the guest segments, just their conversation at the beginning.

Anyway, so it started with that and Brady watching his Signing Times video once a day. But then I realized that he would pay attention for a little bit to other kids shows. He loves Yo Gabba Gabba and he sort of likes Go Diego Go and Ni Hao Kai Lan.

Please forgive me, but putting on one of those things for  a bit allows me to actually prepare dinner before the husband comes home and maybe get on facebook for a little bit. The other day I did just that. I put on Kai Lan and Brady watched as I put chicken in the oven and read up on my blogs. Of course I read this and then went out to the living room to see him staring up at the screen, the colors washing over his baby face. I stood there shocked at how horrible a mother I had become. Then I thought about it for a minute.

But I like the cartoons, Mommy.

But I like the cartoons, Mommy.

I have nothing against that blogger or what she posted. Everyone parents differently. But still, I don’t feel bad. We all know that we’re not supposed to let one-year-olds watch TV and that Baby Einstein rots their brains and that according to all the research my kid is now doomed to become some kind of video gamed addicted robot as a teen. But to me, putting dinner on the table a few nights a week and getting 10 minutes  to myself is not evil. I highly doubt that Brady is going to be hindered in life because of a half hour of cartoons a day.

Brady and I spend the majority of the day playing together, learning, exploring the city, meeting new people, and just hanging out. I think that means way more than the rest of it. And I would not be able to be the mommy that I am most of the day, without my Kai Lan or Yo Gabba Gabba breaks.

So all those mommies who’ve looked at me with a crooked eye and asked “don’t you try to keep him away from tv?” to which I replied, “of course.” I lied and I don’t feel bad about it at all.


5 responses

  1. Don’t feel guilty! I seriously doubt the small amount of television is going to wreck his brain. You are a good mom who gives him lots and lots of fun, stimulating activities. To each their own…

  2. People are so judgemental about parenting! I’ve even had singleton friends give me well meaning advice. I’m not too concerned about exposing the little on to TV. Heck, I like it, why wouldn’t she? I’m more concerned about exposing her to shows that have massive amounts of commercialism associated with them. Like lots of toys at Target…that’s when the meltdowns in stores begin!

  3. Yeah, I’m not oh so worried about it yet. I do worry about the commercialism and the commercials though. I wish we had PBS kids because there are no commercials at all.

  4. Don’t worry about it. A little bit of tv time keeps everyone happy. TV as the babysitter is not a good thing but 30 minutes here or there can be a sanity saver. You’re a good mom don’t sweat it.

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