Snow Day!


Brady didn't want to hang out with everyone at the park.

So the East Coast got a lot of snow yesterday. And all those people who were shocked that it snowed in March must have no memories. Most of the bigger snowstorms that I remember have occurred in March. It’s not weird people. It just isn’t.

Brady and I started the day by attempting to go to the Y for our swim class. We made it two blocks and gave up. While B was comfy cozy in his Bundle-Me and with a wind cover – I was struggling to walk each step as I was pelted by snow and blown sideways while forcing the stroller through the drifts. We abandoned the plan in favor of a Starbucks breakfast sandwich.

Later in the afternoon however, the snow had died down and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to bust out the snow pants and boots and go play. A lot of raising a kid in New York is improvisation, at least for someone who grew up in the burbs. I like to think of Central Park as our backyard and so of course we headed there to take advantage of the white stuff.

So we hung out in front of the building.

So we hung out in front of the building.

I neglected to factor in the 15 min walk (with snow, ice, and wind) and the heat to cold ratio of a child in snow clothes in a stroller. I got Mr B all bundled and into the stroller and off we went. But by the time we arrived at our “yard” he was pissed. His face was frozen and his body was sweating. He wanted nothing to do with the snow whatsoever. In fact, he wanted nothing to do with anything. When I took him out of the stroller he threw himself  to the ground screaming. So I picked him up, and he screamed. So I let him walk, and he screamed. Finally I strapped him back in, unzipped his coat, put the wind cover on and gave him some snacks.

This appeased him and we made it back home. But  Mommy was bound and

Maybe I'll just chill in the lodge instead.

Maybe I'll just chill in the lodge instead.

determined for him to play in the snow. So we improvised. There’s a little landscaping outside of the door to our building. So Brady played in the snow right there. And he loved it!

Improvisation is key!


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  1. That is always the case, isn’t it? My two have the most fun playing in the grass in front of our apt building while Eric and brush the snow off the cars. But if we took them sledding or something, they complain and don’t want to do it. Thankfully, mine are *mostly* past the fall-on-the-ground-and-scream stage. Not quite all the way, but mostly. 😉

    Glad you all had fun anyway!

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