Love in HD

Hi cutie!

Hi cutie!

The husband and I had been visiting the HD TVs at Best Buy for, oh about 2 years. We would go and check the prices and compare the pictures and talk about what we would get some time in the future. We would ooh and aah over them like puppies at the pet store – oh that one is so pretty, but that one has such great color, wow that one has the sharpest picture…

On Saturday we were there visiting once again and we decided to take the plunge. The prices were at the point where we had said we would buy, our tax refund was safe in the savings account, and we were feeling randy. So we found a salesman, picked a model, and took our new addition home.

I have to say it is amazing. I picked up the HD cable box this afternoon and we are currently watching The World Baseball Classic in HD. I’m not so fond of what we’re watching, but the picture is awesome!

The husband and I are giddy in our new love affair. We’re just dreaming of the weekend when we can try some movies out on this bad boy. It can be tough to keep the warm and fuzzy in a relationship once you have a kid…but the thrill of a big purchase and bringing home a nice television can certainly help.

3 responses

  1. I heart my HDTV. I do think that baseball is one of those “wow look at how great it is in HD” programs. But I’m with you – I’d rather see the HD for HGTV or the Food Network! Once you go HD, you’ll never go back…

  2. Oooh, watch the Discovery Earth programs in HD. Super awesome. You’re describing exactly how I felt when we got our HD tv last fall. Though we still don’t have an HD TiVo so it kind of ruins it. Oh well, that’s our next purchase.

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