Swim said the mamma fishie



Brady and I have been taking swim classes at the 92nd St Y since last September and we LOVE it! Brady is into swimming. He loves the water and he’s not afraid at all. When he was smaller I found it difficult to justify paying for a lot of the classes available. I think most of them are just an excuse to get out of the house and to meet other moms. But swimming makes sense to me. My mom took me as a baby and I have always loved it.

At the very least I figure he’s learning not to be afraid. He has made progress too. He can go underwater, he climbs out of the pool, pushes himself off the side to me, and will walk right off the edge of the baby platform to me. He kick, kick, kicks, and is beginning to pull, pull, pull.

The pool at the Y is too cold and the family locker room is a disaster. There are very few places to change babies and no place to change mommies or daddies. If a dad comes to class there is definite danger of the viewing of parts. Ugh. I’m no prude and I’m certainly not modest when it comes to nudity, but honestly, I’d just rather not.

Fortunately, the instructors and the other moms and kids more than make up for the downsides. Our first instructor, Amy, was THE BEST, and we’ll be making sure we’re in one of her classes again next session. Our current instructor Terry, is great too, just a little more timid. Brady is a submerge me and get on with it type of kid. He doesn’t like gentle dipping into the water.

The other moms I’ve met there have been awesome and even though all the kids are different ages, they always seem to get along. Brady is the only boy though. We’ve yet to encounter another male in one of the baby classes. The older classes do seem to have boys and we’ll be moving up next session so maybe Brady will meet some.

Overall, the swim classes at the 92nd St Y are awesome – and much cheaper than elsewhere too. And I love seeing my little fishie swim!


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