The zoo!

Brady's polar bear friend

Brady's polar bear friend

Yesterday a friend and his almost four-year-old son came into the city and we trekked down to the Central Park Zoo. When we planned this outing, we had no idea it was going to be 92 degrees outside. So it was a bit less fun than expected due to the heat, but still a good time.

Both of the boys adored the penguins. You can stand right up next to the glass and they dive and swoop right in front of your eyes. Brady was convinced they were fishies and Sean told him that they were not. However, he didn’t believe they were birds either. When promted to tell us what they were he thought for a minute and replied “penguins.” Of course!

The polar bears were also popular. But the big zoo wasn’t anywhere near the hit that the children’s zoo was. Brady was a huge fan of the bunnies, which he calls mummies. And both of the boys loved the sheep. Sean liked feeding them, but

Checking out the "mummies"

Checking out the "mummies"

Brady was not a fan. Overall, I’d say the zoo was a little pricey for what was there, but still worth the trip.

After we left – hot and sticky and sweaty and exhausted – we stopped at a vendor where Sean got ice cream and Brady got a popsicle to share with us. He was happy to eat it, but when it was all gone he lost his mind! Seriously. This was his worst fit to date. After he screamed for 7-8 blocks I finally picked him up.

He was happy to have me carry him, but would not let me transfer him to daddy, or even switch his head from one shoulder to the other. And so I carried him, in flipflops, with his head on my left shoulder all…the…way…home. About a mile and a half by my estimation.

Petting a sheep

Petting a sheep

It sucked, but I did feel pretty strong. Oh the things a mother can accomplish when she has to.

3 responses

  1. I wish we had a zoo closer to us but it’s almost 2 hours away! I am glad Cameron is still little – I need to work my way up to carrying a bigger baby. It’s time to break out the weights!

  2. That walk was rough! Luckily, babies grow gradually so you can gradually get stronger. I also thought that holding a newborn was much much harder than holding a toddler. Toddlers have control of their bodies and can hold on and help you out.

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