I love technology

If you’ve seen Napoleon Dynamite that’s funny, if not, I feel bad for you.

As I was watching another mom walk along texting while pushing a stroller, I was thinking that I wouldn’t have been able to do this before blackberries and facebook and blogging and cable and all of the things that make being a stay at home mom so much less isolating and so much more convenient.

When Brady was very small I kept in touch with everyone, including my husband, via email. It was easier to type while holding a sleeping baby than to talk on the phone and it made me feel as if I wasn’t all alone. Once I got my Blackberry I no longer had to be alone at Starbucks, or the park, or the grocery store, or anywhere else.

I started this  blog as way of keeping my brain working when the most challenging this I was doing mentally was to

Brady loves technology too... but in a more violent keyboard smashing type of way...
Brady loves technology too… but in a more violent keyboard smashing type of way…

figure out the best way to take a walk while the baby was napping in order to maximize my errand running for the day. It made me feel halfway intelligent and useful again.

Cable television is a wonder that beats all other wonders. How else could I have gotten through days of holding and nursing a newborn on the couch. When I think that my mother had to get up to change to one of the 12 channels she had to choose from when she was home with me, it makes me shudder. Plus DVR allows me to watch whatever I want whenever I want and to record Brady’s favorite shows so that he can see them when it’s convenient to me, ie while making dinner, cleaning up, emailing for work, etc.

And Facebook has really been so wonderful. I’ve gotten back in touch with so many girls from my past – even from grade school – who are now moms. Although we can’t see each other in person, I’ve rekindled some of those friendships in a new and really meaningful way.

I just don’t think I would have been able to do this without being able to use all these technological advances to stay in touch with the outside world. I am so grateful that I had my baby in 2007 and not in 1907. Imagine that? No breastpumps, no disposable diapers, no epidurals!!! And most of all NO in-home entertainment!!!! (other than reading of course, which I love)

4 responses

  1. Yeah, it’s great. It allows me to work from home 4 out of the 5 workdays. I just remote into my work PC to do whatever I would do at the office, and use my blackberry when I’m out with Henry.

    To help protect your work laptop/facebook from Brady you should get Toddler Keys. You can lock your keyboard when he is pounding on it, but still keep your mouse active. It will also lock your DVD drive doors if Brady likes to open and close them. Best of all it’s free.


  2. It’s so much fun to connect with people online. I’ve made a lot of new “virtual” friends in the blogging community. And of course, we reconnected! Things are easier in a way these days with childrearing but also harder. Mostly because in the past, people lived closer to their families and had more help. Now we are much more on our own. Well, at least I am!

  3. I know what you mean. I used to be near you on the UES, but 6 months ago I gave in and moved to NJ closer to the grandparents. It does make it easier, and allow you to do things like go see Star Trek in the movie theater. Also, my boy has gotten much closer to them. That said, I really do miss the city.

  4. Oh yeah, I use it to work too. I have a little EeePC that I use when Brady’s napping and out at Starbucks and wherever so that I can get freelance work done.
    I’m lucky that I have my in-laws close and that my mother-in-law comes in to help me out so that I can work. She takes Brady when I go into the office.
    Oh and I HAVE to get that Toddler Keys. It is seriously impossible to do anything on the computer if he’s around.
    Stacey I agree. I think it’s definitely more difficult without family around. I’m so happy to have mil, but I do wish I had my family as well. My mom is coming for a visit today! Yay! I am SO happy she’ll be staying with us, because we really NEED someone to get up with Brady just for a few days. He’s killing us with his wakeup time.

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