Poked and Prodded and Catheterized…OH MY!

I’m sure Brady will appreciate the fact that I’ve put this up on the web for all to see when he’s oh say 12…

My poor, poor baby is sickly. Actually, he’s feeling much better now, but yesterday he was pretty sickly. He had a fever that kept going up and down and was getting pretty high at times, diarrehea, and general ickyness. I wasn’t very worried until I saw blood in his diaper. Then I called and we got into the pediatrician stat.

Of course we got the doctor that we have gotten every…single…time I have taken Brady in for anything other than a checkup. I swear to you she thinks I’m nutty. But this time I was justified. She wasn’t very concerned and thought the blood was just from the poor bubba’s bum problems. She figured it was a virus, but ran a blood count to be sure. Unfortunately, his white cell count was a little off so she ran some more tests to see if it could be bacterial.

This is where the fun begins. Thank GOD the husband was able to leave work early and come and meet me before this. They had to catheterize my poor baby to get a urine sample. And while this went on, I had to lie across him to keep him still as he screamed “No Mommy, no mommy, no peepee, no peepee!” Once that awful bit was over, I got to lie across him again as they stuck a needle in his arm to get blood. He made it through that fine and was actually coloring with me afterward. Not treating me like I had betrayed our wonderful loving relationship.

Then the worst came…the antibiotic shot. Apparently it hurt…a lot! He is normally pretty ok with shots and cries for a minute or two and then goes back to playing. But for this I had to lie across my screaming son once again while he cried in absolute pain. And he kept crying too. Poor poor angel.

I carried him all the way home (I still can’t believe he wanted me to touch him after I had been a co-conspirator in his torture.) Then he  passed out.

He was in good spirits in the evening and went to bed fine. But at 1am he was up and would not go back to sleep. If we left him in his room he screamed “the bed, the bed, the door, the door, Brady, Brady.” Meaning “Brady wants to be in your bed so come open this door!” When he was in our bed, he was twitching and moving and pinching and kicking to keep himself awake. After about 3 hours of this, he finally, finally fell asleep lying across me. Not a fun night by any stretch.

Today he is feeling much, much better. We are off to the doctor again this afternoon for another blood count and results of the urinalysis. Will update and add photo later.


White cell count is great and Brady is feeling much better! Yay! Antibiotic course to follow.

Sick baby eating Cheerios yesterday

Sick baby eating Cheerios yesterday

Feeling better and striking a pose!

Feeling better and striking a pose!


3 responses

  1. So sorry to hear that Brady isn’t feeling well. Cameron had two shots today for her 2 month appointment and still has one more to go next week. I hate to hear her screaming and make Jeremy hold her!

  2. sorry i’m so late to read up on brady. OUCH! i still remember the first shot my middle child got. he was always such a happy baby… and that shot hurt!

    i hope he’s all better now!

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