To the beach!

Mommy makes me wear long sleeves on the beach because she's afraid of the sun...

Mommy makes me wear long sleeves on the beach because she's afraid of the sun...

We took advantage of one of the nice perks of living in NYC this weekend…we went to the beach. This is one of the things that I have not taken enough advantage of living here. I’ve been here 8 years this week and this was only the third time I’ve gone to the beach.

The husband has been swamped at work and really wanted to get out of the city, so he obsessively watched Zipcar until a car was available near us and then immediately booked it for the entire day on Saturday.

We packed up our stuff and headed out around 10:00 Saturday morning. We went all the way out to Robert Moses State  Park because we had been told that it would be less crowded. The trip took about an hour and 15 minutes, during which Brady slept, waking up in a great mood right as we were parking.

We staked out a spot, laid down our blanket, and headed down to the water…which Brady hated! But only for a little bit. After a break and a snack we went back down and the little man was ready for another try. After braving a few small waves a big one came and knocked him over covering him with sand and causing him to cry and hang onto Daddy for dear life.

But he’s a trooper and went back in only to have a great time. We had to drag him away from the water as he shivered and screamed “more, more.” We got changed, had lunch, and got back on the road where Brady got another nap in. We even stopped on 23rd St and picked up my father-in-law’s birthday present at Best Buy.

After weeks of drizzly, gray, cool weather this was the perfect way to break into the summer.


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