The terrible…ones???

My little Brady-Bean has not been the sweetest of little boys lately. Rather, he has been more like a holy terror. Aside from the aforementioned biting  incident and the fact that he has decided to wake up at 5:15 every morning, he has been throwing knock-down, drag-out fits and using the words “no” and “mine” as if they were about to disappear from the language.

My lovely little angel has been demanding that I play Thomas computer games with him, allow him to watch unlimited amounts of television, eat as many popsicles as he wants, and that I sit where he wants me to sit when he wants to me sit. And if I don’t comply, I’m sure to be met with screaming, throwing, stomping, and more screaming.

This is exhausting. Ignoring his fits has been pretty effective in diffusing them, but he throws so many a day that it’s getting to be overwhelming. That and he also likes to do things like empty the cat’s water onto the kitchen floor while I’m in the bathroom or squash blueberries into the floor while I’m getting dressed.

And he counters this awful behavior by being the smartest, cutest, most polite thing on Earth the rest of the time (thank goodness). He now knows all of his colors and likes to point them out to me and uses (semi) full sentences a lot of the time (“Mommy, wow, a big train!”, “Mommy, read it, the book, please.”) It’s like living with a little bi-polar maniac!

I’m praying that this is just an early manifestation of the terrible twos, because if it gets more terrible than this I’m going to need a vacation.

This was an "I want popsicles for lunch" fit

This was an "I want popsicles for lunch" fit

See? I told you...

See? I told you...


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