I’m Walkin!

Everywhere! Or at least he wants to. Brady has decided that his stroller is SO uncool and that he wants to walk to all of our destinations. He likes to push his little stroller which is nice because it usually keeps him walking. It’s really cute and fun for about half a block and then it just becomes really…really frustrating.

I don’t know if it’s worse because we’re in the city, maybe if I didn’t have to worry about all of the people who want to walk past us down the sidewalk or all of the open store and restaurant basements or all of the construction sites or the dog poop piles or the rushing traffic it would be easier to walk down the block with him. But as it is I have about seven heart attacks a block.

He refuses to hold hands and when I do grab it to cross the street he screams “no Mommy’s hand, no Mommy’s hand, I’m walking, I’m walking!” to which I reply, “you have to hold Mommy’s hand, it’s not safe to go by yourself. Even if I’m holding your hand, you are still walking.”

I’ve yet to come up with a peaceful solution. For now we start out walking side by side and walk along until I’ve had my maximum level of panic attacks at which point I put him in the  stroller where he screams, “no strollo, no strollo, no strollo!” until he calms  down.

We’re going to have to work on hand-holding or I may lose my mind.


2 responses

  1. My 2yr old just started the same thing. We moved to Jersey about 6 months ago so it’s less scary, but I do feel the same frustration about how slow goig walking with him is. Especially when he wants to stop at every street sign and read the letters. Still, it’s so cute when he walks into town and heads directly towards the bakery where he makes me buy him a hard roll.

    Also, it sounds sad, but I sometimes take him to the mall before the stores open and let him go crazy running around the Menlo Park mall.

  2. Sometimes I wish I had an empty mall! Sounds fun to me. And it is cute, just frustrating.

    Due to the slow factor, I’ve decided he’s not allowed to walk until AFTER I’ve had my coffee. Then he can walk as slow as he wants;)

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