A Boy and His Train

Choo choo!

Choo choo!

Brady has been in the midst of an intense love affair for most of the summer…he is desperately in love with Thomas the Tank Engine. Or really, anything related to Thomas the Tank Engine. He likes the trains, he likes the show, he likes the website, he likes the books, he likes anything and everything Thomas. He knows all of the trains by color, shape, size, and  sometimes number. He sings the song and knows all the words. It is, in short, insanity.

We had been looking to get him some tracks for his trains and all of the simple sets were too boring and all of the complicated sets too expensive.  But we found the absolute most perfect track set for him. It’s a figure eight of tracks with a bridge, a conductor house, and a little figure of Sir Topham Hat. And it came with the best thing of all…THOMAS!

Thomas is difficult to find. All of the Thomas trains you can buy separately are weird – battery operated or covered in snow or painted strangely. Little boys DO NOT like their Thomases to be different. But this set came with a plain old little blue Thomas and Brady could not have been happier. When we took him out of the box his eyes lit up and he grabbed him and said, “I GOT THOMAS!!!”

He plays with his tracks constantly and it’s so cute to hear the little stories he plays with them. “Gordon pulling all the tenders. Scuse me Billy, Hank comin through. Thomas leaving the station!” I love it!

He wants us to play all the time too, which can get boring, but is so cute that I love it anyway. Thank you Thomas, for bringing so much joy to my little Brady’s  life.


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