Subway adventures!

I'm ridin the subway!

Just another New Yorker on the subway.

Last Friday, Brady and I went on an adventure to visit the husband’s office way out in Queens. The trip requires taking 3 different trains – the 6, the R, and then the E.

Brady was super excited to go on the train, although he’s a little afraid of the noise, he usually loves it. He loves the train (like Thomas!), the tunnel (under the ground!), and all the people. This was one of our best subway trips. He liked keeping track of of which stop was ours and which train we’d be taking next.

When we got to the office, the husband met us in the lobby and Brady ran to him saying “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!” It was so cute. He was very cute and polite at the office and had the best time writing all over the big whiteboard. The only time he wasn’t happy was when Daddy had to be on a conference call.

I was a little nervous that the trip home wouldn’t go as well, but it was perfectly fine. Brady was happy to remember which trains we took in the reverse order and to again keep track of the stops. It certainly opens up a whole world to us! Maybe we’ll actually see more of the city from now on.

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