Does this make me a bad mom?

That some days when I go to work – I’m happy to leave in the morning?

And then some days on the way home from work I just wish that I could change course and go get a cup of tea and read a book or maybe go shopping (even window shopping) all alone?

That some days when I’ve heard “mommy” (imagine it in a long drawn-out whine) for the thousandth time (I swear this isn’t exaggeration) I just want to say “shut up!” and sometimes I actually do say “PLEASE stop saying that!!”?

That the days I stay home with Brady sometimes feel like the longest days in the history of the Earth?

That when Brady wakes up early in the morning I throw on the TV and close my eyes on the couch for a little while?

Of course most days I’m happy to come home from work and most days I spend with Brady are fun and quick and sometimes “mommy” is the sweetest word in the world, it’s just that sometimes…


At least he's cute...


2 responses

  1. While Cameron isn’t talking yet, that is exactly why I knew I was not prepared to be a stay-at-home mom. Keep in mind that we are people too and need downtime! But as you also wrote, there are times when Cameron looks at me and smiles and I think, how could I not want to be with her 24×7?

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